Friday, July 1, 2011

Losing my mind!

      This week has been a week of losing things. 5:30 one morning I am awakened with the sounds of my husband opening and closing drawers...shuffling through papers on his dresser, and coming in and out of the bedroom. I made the mistake of moving (signs of life) then he started questioning me about the set of keys for our new front door lock. I am not a morning person by nature, nor can I think cognitively before say...7AM? And even then I need coffee. So I just kept repeating what he said..."keys", "keys?" "new lock", "lock?" Then he asked a question that woke me up. "Did you throw the box away with the keys still inside?" Oh no, maybe I did! I thought and thought, but couldn't remember if I'd even touched the keys...but yes, I did throw the box away! Now that I was completely awake I thought of something I learned when I was a child...God knows where everything is! Nothing is ever lost to Him. So I prayed.

      It wasn't five minutes until my husband found the keys, and yes, it was HE who misplaced them in HIS nightstand drawer! I'm always happy when it ends that way:) But I am curiously suspicious of the fact that whenever we lose something, we rarely find it before we pray and ask God to reveal to us where it is. I think it is just a little reminder to rely on Him, and remember that He is all-knowing.

      Apparently though, I moved on from that lesson a bit too fast. That afternoon I couldn't find the computer cord to my camera. I looked cord. I searched the entire house twice! I went over and over in my mind the last time I used it...where I was...what I did with it.

      I had my fourteen month old grandson here for the weekend - the tabletop dancer...chair place too drawer too low...get into everything...always moving baby boy! So now I was going over and over in my mind what I would do with a computer cord if I was two and a half feet tall! Then I remembered once again that simple truth I learned when I was a child. God knows where everything is...even the missing cord, so again I prayed!

      Five minutes cord, ten cord. I was beginning to panic. I had a deadline and I needed to get pictures from my camera to my computer...pronto! "Lord, do you not want me to do this thing I committed to do? Why are you not showing me where my cord is? My laptop doesn't have a port for the memory card." I was seriously starting to doubt whether I was supposed to be doing this, when a thought entered my mind - the old PC in the den! It has a port for my memory card, but it didn't work the last time I tried it, however, if the Lord was leading me in that direction, I would follow.

      I put it worked! I was able to meet my deadline and stop having a nervous break down. Today as I cleaned off the back deck, guess what I found? You guessed cord! Did God know it was there? You bet He did. So why didn't He show me? If there is one thing I have learned about Him, it is that He doesn't think like me. He does things differently than I do. When I can't figure out a situation I am left with putting my complete trust in Him...and not myself. He answered my prayer and eventually led me to the cord, but He worked out the things in between the losing and the finding in a way that would cause me to rely on Him more fully than if He had just revealed the whereabouts of the cord.

      I am so thankful He is Omnipotent. Nothing is lost to Him. When we can't find something, all we have to do is ask Him, and like a loving father He will help us find it...and perhaps teach us a thing or two while we look. Some days I may feel as though I am losing my mind, but I don't have to worry...He knows right where it is.

Commit to the Lord whatever you do,
and your plans will succeed.
Proverbs 16:3

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  1. Charlotte - This is my life! Putting things in safe places and then forgetting where the safe place is! And, yes - thank God that He keeps track of my safe places - but, isn't He the original "Safe Place"? I understand about the "meantime Plan B" between lost and found, too. It always turns out better than if I found what I was looking for.

    BTW _ so glad you have a Plan B for retrieving pictures from your camera - from these delicious side-bar shots, they are treasures not to be lost! Beautiful! I am less than amateur - but have been inspired to develop my shutterbug skills - albeit with less than professional equipment. Perhaps, God can compensate here, too - and help my camera "find" the best shot.

    Joy to you!
    Miss Kathy

  2. It is so true that we often run frantic, but not unless we stop and take step back, trusting Him for the out-come, we will find things and especially peace.

  3. Very timely message for me.
    i found myself in this situation just this week!
    I like that He reminds us to trust us with His ways. I was searching for a book of stamps! Not only Does He know where everything is...but he cares about the smallest of details as well!

  4. I have to admit that I'm always please when it's my husband that had missed placed something rather than me,although it very~~very seldom that he miss places something. Thank-you for this reminder to call on Jesus for all things.

  5. One thing you haven't lost is your ability to just "Let go and Let God."
    :) Hope things go better for you this weekend.

  6. I always put things in places I'll never forget -- and promptly forget. God doesn't!


  7. Beautiful post!! and have found that since my accident, that when I don't understand things, I now turn to Him and his helping Angels and ask for direction or a little hint ... with faith and open heart my believe strengthens and I am starting to recognize the responses ....

    Thank you for visiting me on Teacup Thursdays ... your tea time setting below was beautiful and yes, the sound of running water is wonderful on hot days!!! Happy 4th of July!! xo HHL ( Falling Off A High Heeled life)

  8. What a great post. Why why why do we try to figure out everything by ourselves and only ask His help when it seems hopeless? Thank you for this reminder that He knows everything and I think He probably wonders why we don't take more advantage of this fact.


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