Saturday, September 7, 2013

God doesn't need a tooth brush

      One day while driving my six year old granddaughter home she asked me, "Does God brush His teeth?" At which I answered, "No, He doesn't have to brush His teeth." A few moments later she asked, "Does His breath stink?" After I stopped laughing (I couldn't help myself) , I gave a long (probably too long) explanation about God and His teeth.

      Later that day when I recalled our conversation I got to thinking about God and His lack of need for dental hygiene. And how His breath is many things, but stinky is not one of them. He breathes out stars, His breath makes dry bones live!

      We are made in His image...the image of God! He is our Father and we are His children. Yet we brush our teeth and He doesn't. We get bad breath, He has the breath of life. We live in frail bodies that get bruised and deceased, His is Spirit. We make mistakes...not Him! He is perfect in every way.

      We might tend to think with a Father like that how will we ever be good enough to gain His approval? He answered that question with Jesus! In one way He was the opposite of us. He was God in the form of man...we are man made in the image of God. Because He came and gave His life for us, we can be like Him. Not Gods, but the children of God...accepted into His family through the gift of grace given by Jesus on the cross. His life for our lives given to Him. He welcomes us...bad breath and all!

John 20:22 Jesus breathed the Holy Spirit on them (the disciples) 
Ez. 37:5 by His breath - dry bones live!
Ps. 33:6 by the breath of His mouth heavens were made