Friday, March 11, 2016

The Best Dog

 The Good Best Dog

I got a call while out of town, “We got a puppy, black and brown!”
I wasn’t thrilled, to say the least. Puppies can be such little beast.
My house was filled with growing boys, clothes strewn in rooms and scattered toys.
I did not want puppy messes, but God is wise how He blesses.

When I came home they held him up, a ball of fur that little pup.
A house of boys and then one more, and this one pottied on the floor!
It wasn’t long till he was trained, and my affection he had gained.
For chewed up shoes he made a mends, and we became the best of friends.

He kept boys safe as they grew up, to men-from boys, and dog-from pup.
And when the grandkids came along, he became their guard, safe and strong.
Through years he watched me do the chores, patiently sat outside closed doors.
Waiting for me to lead the way, faithfully followed through each day.

He always stayed where he could see, he and God kept an eye on me.
I took long walks as he ran free, we’d rest beneath the big oak tree.
He heard my prayers along the trail, I talk to God- he wagged his tail.
I’d throw the ball, he ran so fast. I always thought his speed would last.

He seemed so young the other day. When did his muzzel turn so grey?
That puppy grew to be much more, than I could ever have asked for.
We buried him in grassy hill, this rainy day, dark and still.
The best of what a dog can be, was Harley every day to me.