Friday, April 27, 2012

I posted a devotion on Laced With Grace today
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Monday, April 2, 2012

A While Away...

I'm going to be gone for a while.

Lord willing, I'll be back to post here before too long.

His peace and grace be with you,


I will leave you this poem I have posted before.
It was written on a beautiful sunny Spring day like today.
Everywhere I looked, God's amazing fingerprints were visible.

Your Glory
By Charlotte Foster

“Show me your glory,” I dared to say,
As I walked along the road today.

Then as I spoke a cloud passed by,
A soft white pillow in deep blue sky.

And gentle breeze of such degree,
Not hot or cold as it touched me.

More like a touch from someone’s hand,
Softly passing where I stand.

A bird high in the old oak tree,
Sang his tune so happily.

And then I realized all around,
Your voice was heard in every sound.

In every wind and passing cloud,
Revealing of yourself out-loud.

For all to see - Yes you were there,
In every song or breath of air.

In Your creation loud and clear,
Are signs of you so very near.

And when I stopped to ponder You,
I saw Your glory fresh and new.

The earth declares the glory of God!