Saturday, July 16, 2011

Can You See It?

"So it shall be, while My glory passes by,
that I will put you in the cleft of the rock,
and cover you with My hand while I pass by."
Exodus 33:22

      I have a favorite place I like to sit and read my Bible. It's a bench made out of an old log cut in half. It was difficult getting it right where I wanted it because it's very heavy, but I managed to drag it to the barn and close to my favorite oak tree where I feed the horses in good weather. You can see the bench in the header above. There is something special about sitting under the blue sky, listening to the birds sing in the trees, watching the horses graze and reading the words, "The earth declares the glory of God."


      Those words take on new meaning as everything around me says Amen. His creativity is seen in His handiwork and it glorifies Him. Do I notice it enough? Do I even take the time to look each day? Is it possible that I could walk by such beauty and not even see it, that my eyes could become accustomed to it and I might no longer behold His glory in it?

      I want to see it, to always notice, to never take it for granted...never take Him for granted. His breath of life fills the air around us all. His majesty is displayed in all He has made...even you and me, His children. Can you see it?

The earth declares His glory!

Your Glory
By Charlotte Foster

“Show me your glory,” I dared to say,
As I walked along the road today.
 Then as I spoke a cloud passed by,
A soft white pillow in deep blue sky.

 And gentle breeze of such degree,
Not hot or cold as it touched me.

 More like a touch from someone’s hand,
Softly passing where I stand.

 A bird high in the old oak tree,
Sang his tune so happily.

 And then I realized all around,
Your voice was heard in every sound.

 In every wind and passing cloud,
Revealing of yourself out-loud.

 For all to see - Yes you were there,
In every song or breath of air.

 In Your creation loud and clear,
Are signs of you so very near.

And when I stopped to ponder You,
I saw Your glory fresh and new.

The earth declares the glory of God!

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  1. Hello Charlotte,
    I feel the same way! Love being outdoors to worship and to praise God - the sights and the sound so fill my heart with gladness! There is beauty and majesty all around us.Thank you for sharing this inspiring post with A Return to Loveliness,
    God Bless,

  2. I also love to read my Bible outside! I read on the patio, with the birds chirping and my dogs playing. It's perfect! That is great that you were able to get the bench where you wanted it. :)

  3. Enjoyed reading here. I saw myself in what you said. You described a peaceful morning to me. Love your pictures

  4. It's easy to get so used to the beauty around us that we fail to even notice it. Thank you for this encouraging post and beautiful photos.

  5. Love the "happy place" where you read your Bible. I have one too, under the firs, looking back at our lovely yard. And I often take it for granted. Thanks for the reminder to remember God's glory in each petal and cloud.
    blessings, k

  6. I have really enjoyed my visit to your blog. Your pictures are so lovely!

  7. Love the picture of the nest. I know I don't appreciate God's creation enough. It's something I need to focus on more often.

    In Him,


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