Wednesday, February 5, 2014

A Heart Like Our Father's

      What a blessing it was to read the Compassion Blogger's posts this past week as they communicated from Uganda. I felt as though I was there with them. I could see the smiling faces of the children gathered at the Compassion center to worship. Big wide smiles and sparkling eyes that seemed as though they could see me through the screen of my computer as I watched the video clips the bloggers posted. They stole my heart.

      Children have a way of doing that - stealing our hearts. I think its because Jesus loved them so very much. God sent Him here to proclaim His love for them and if we have the heart of our Father, we will love as He did.

      The bloggers went to Uganda with a goal of finding sponsors for 400 children through blogging about their experiences there. Today, they have almost reached that goal. Would you consider helping them? Would you sponsor one of these precious children and change their world in Jesus name?

Find out more about their trip and the work God is doing in Uganda by clicking on the picture link below.

Follow the Compassion Bloggers in Uganda

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