Monday, February 24, 2014

Chasing Joy Up A Tree

I watched him through the kitchen window. He grabbed something like a black walnut and up the tree he went.

 When he climbed to a safe height (away from the dog) he stopped to eat.
We all have our safe places. The place we run to when staying still doesn't feel safe. When we feel like something is chasing us...and it has teeth.
Some find their safe place close to the ground.
Others...not so close.
Where do you run?

My granddaughter reminded me how much I used to climb trees...when I was young.
Like the squirrel she climbed right up and sat down. Fear didn't chase her up did.
Joy can be the best place of safety. The best place to run (or climb) to.
Instead of being chased by fear, maybe we could chase joy?

She didn't stop to take off the boots, who would? When a tree is asking to be climbed you climb it. Slippery boots? Only grandmothers care about such things, not little girls chasing joy.

It wasn't long before the boots came down...and I went up and sat beside her...yes I did. Old girls sometimes need to chase joy too. And sometimes joy leads you up a tree.

We sat there side by side, legs swinging,
two little girls (at heart) finding joy on the branch of a tree.

And I think God smiled.

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