Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Menopause - the final frontier?

Space Menopause – to boldly go where no man has gone before…or ever will go! Frankly, it is a place that scares men; especially when it's their women who are going there!

I recently went and saw “Menopause the Musical” with my mother at a theater near us. We both laughed until we were crying, it was hilarious. Yet dealing with menopause really isn’t much fun at all. It’s like going through puberty in reverse.

Just like puberty, some go through it with hardly a scratch (or pimple) and others go through it like an elephant being pulled through a knot hole in a fence –squeezed through to the other side, beat up and unrecognizable. Some have more of the physical symptoms while others are on an emotional roller coaster with ups and downs around every turn. Some women claim they have "found themselves" while others seem to have lost themselves. And of course there are those special ones who go through it all!

It can be less like a trip through outer space and more like a voyage across a vast ocean where the wind blows wild and the waves crash overhead. With calm waters coming in between the storms giving one time to catch their breath and brush their hair, and almost feel normal. The shoreline can almost be seen, somewhere up ahead... just past the rocks.

It's a time in a woman’s life when she desperately needs stability. A place to drop her anchor and hold on tight as the unpredictable changes in mood and body toss her to and fro on a sea of dried up hormones. A time when sweet dreams are replaced with night sweats, and memory lapses meet blank stares from loved ones who are not sure what to say and wisely say nothing.

For me, it has been a time of holding on to God. He is my anchor. The One who made us knows us...better than we know ourselves. There have been days when I have been a stranger to myself and my family – but not to God. I hold on to Him as He holds on to me. When I feel lost in a run-away-from-home mood, He finds me and brings me back, most often before I even leave. My body may be changing, but His Spirit in me will never change. He wants to be Lord over every area - the physical, emotional, and spiritual realms of our lives.

He is the “God of Hope!” And He will fill us with His joy and peace as we place our trust in Him. He is our anchor in the stormy seasons of life as well as the calm ones. Our faith and trust in Him are the chain that holds us to that anchor. We can boldly go anywhere with Him…even through Menopause!
May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace
as you trust in Him.
Romans 15:13

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