Monday, January 13, 2014

The Month After Christmas

Tis the month after Christmas
And all through the town,
People look tired
They seem really down.

Christmas is over
It’s all packed away,
No lights, no more sparkle
Just a regular day.

The holiday feeling
Has faded and went,
Their pockets are empty
The money all spent.

They look rather hopeless
With heads hanging low,
The parties are over
They’ve nowhere to go.

Forgetting the good news-
The Holy One’s birth,
Can’t change with our actions
Or seasons on earth.

Remind them that Christmas
Can never depart,
If Jesus – the Christ Child
Is born in their heart.

Celebrating Him (with you) throughout 2014 ~ Charlotte

Thanking Him for the beauty in every day...
His mercies are new every morning!

Great is His faithfulness!

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