Friday, May 8, 2009

Our Rich Heritage

What a rich heritage we have of godly women who went before us. They are our Great Grandmothers, our Grandmothers and mothers in our “spiritual” family. Chosen women who through the corridors of time have stood as monuments of faith; testimonies of God’s mercy and grace. We cannot be exactly like they were, because God has made us unique and placed us in a time and place of our own, but we can reap the benefits of such a rich heritage of women who have passed down their torch through the ages of time to us – their spiritual daughters.

(“You have given me the heritage of those who fear Your Name.” Psalm 61:5)

Our Rich Heritage
by Charlotte

We have a rich heritage, you and I,
On our Christian family tree.
Godly women who hallowed faith’s ground,
And paved the way for you and me.

They carried no power but that of the cross,
And the bibles they held in their hands.
They fed the hungry and tended the sick,
As prayer warriors they conquered the lands.

Their names were not written on plaques etched in gold,
No fame or fortune attained.
But they lay in the pages of the Lamb’s Book of Life,
For in Him they lived and remained.

They set up their lamps high on a hill,
Those lights still shine to this day.
As the seeds they planted, sprouted and grew,
In fertile hearts as they shared on their way.

Many were called to a mission at home,
Where preachers were raised in their care.
And still others who ushered revival in,
Because of their fervent prayer.

Some hid God’s chosen from Hitler’s regime,
They traded those lives for their own.
In danger of death they served them each day,
As the love of their Savior was shown.

Some took God’s Word to foreign lands,
And shared His grace with the lost.
They learned to move forward and not look back,
They were willing to pay the cost.

Children were rescued, slaves were set free,
Because they obeyed and they went.
When God looked around for someone to go,
A willing heart made it “her” that He sent.

They were His hands, they were His feet,
As they walked through the ages past.
They took their place in God’s hall of faith,
Fully knowing they would not be the last.

We are their daughters, if only we dare,
To join in the work they begun.
To take the baton and run in the race,
Until the last heart has been won.

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  1. This is so beautiful. Thank you for sharing! I'm going to look forward to seeing more.


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