Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Growing in God's Garden

I think a lot about gardening this time of year. This is my favorite season, though I enjoy them all. I particularly like spring because it is a wonderful time to plant flowers and vegetables. Miracles are happening all around, quietly underground or in pots and tilled beds. The bulbs and seeds planted in the fall are eager to make an appearance. Before long the yard is all in bloom and life has come back from a long winter’s sleep. I feel awakened with it, caught up in its enthusiasm, as I circle the yard with a hose in my hand.

There is nothing I have seen – and believe me I like to look – that reminds me more of the faithfulness of God than this return of the season of life. Hidden through the dark days of winter are the seeds of hope waiting patiently underground. The cold rain beats down all winter, but as it does it softens the hard shell of the seed to allow the plant to sprout. The ground is loosened and the journey to the light is made ready.

Each plant that pops out its tiny head is drawn toward that light that called it up out of its slumber. Creation joins in celebration as God makes all things beautiful in its time. As I stand in awe and watch the miracles taking place all around me, I can’t help but to see a correlation between what God is doing in the yard, and what He seeks to do in every heart. He has been faithful to plant His seeds there and lovingly tend them through the dark and stormy days, until He has softened and prepared our hearts ground to take bloom.

He wants to grow us into the beautiful lives He created us to be. Our hope is in knowing that He is working there in the hidden places, perfectly timing each stage of growth. I can picture Him smiling as we break ground and turn our tiny heads toward the Light of Life; as lovely flowers in His garden.

“When I planted you, I chose my seed carefully – the very best.” Jeremiah 2: 21

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