Friday, April 15, 2011

Trip to Home Depot: To Fix an Attitude

Yes, all of you be submissive to one another,
and be clothed with humility, for
"God resists the proud,
But gives grace to the humble."
1 Peter 5:5

      I was wearing my pink gloves...they matched my shirt, white shoes and white undershirt that peeked out above the sparkle-studded pink top. For some reason it mattered to me what I was wearing to a hardware store,  but not my husband. He was the one leaving a trail of down feathers behind as he walked through the store wearing his favorite coat - not because it was pretty, but because it was warm (he's practical like that). Behind him, floating in the air like dandelion seeds in the breeze, were tiny feathers catching a ride on the air current caused by the stores overhead heater. The feathers were escaping from small burn holes in his coat, caused by flying embers that landed on it while burning brush piles on our property. It was his favorite coat, he didn't care about the feathers. A kinesthetic person seldom chooses looks over comfort. But I, on the other hand, a visual, have been known to wear itchy, uncomfortable, stiff clothing because I thought it was pretty...go figure.

      Today as I walked with this man through the store, I felt like God was giving me a glimpse of myself the way He sees me (and my husband). A view from the outside looking in. Next to me I saw a man unencumbered by the trivial details of what he looked like as he rummaged through boxes of pipe fittings, to find the right piece for a broken water pipe. And with him was a picky visual wearing pink gloves, who was too annoyed with things of little value, like (his) muddy pants and floating feathers...and what people thought about them. Before I had time to bat another feather away from my face, God let me see what I was really wearing - a covering of something much uglier than my husbands coat - an attitude of vanity and pride.

      In my spirit I knew what mattered most in life wasn't what we wear on the outside, but what we wear in our hearts. Pink gloves on a prideful heart is no better than lipstick on a pig, they both end up wallowing in something ugly and smelly. As a visual person, my prayer is that God will open my eyes to those things in life that really matter and keep my focus on Him...not wholly coats on other people (or my husband).

      He got the pipe fixed, so hopefully we won't get a water bill for a million dollars. I took off the pink gloves and helped him. His coat is hanging on the coat rack as I write this, with feathers peeking out the holes. I have a feeling it's going to be around for a long time. I don't think my husband (or God) is finished with it yet.


  1. This is a great post and it goes with the testimony I posted today. As one of my kids once said, God like His people to have humble-ity.

  2. In my spirit I knew what mattered most in life wasn't what we wear on the outside, but what we wear in our hearts. So true....

  3. Wonderful post! I loved your analogy. It illustrates your point (oophs! I mean God's point!) beautifully. Happy Spiritual, Palm Sunday!

  4. My husband had his favorite coat too. It was ragged, hardly ever got washed. I wished many a time that he would toss it. After he died his two daughters fought over which one would get his raggedy coat. Fortunately he had two, one worse than the other. It reminded me of the soldiers who threw lots for Jesus' cloak. I thank you for your analogy. God Bless!

  5. I love this Charlotte (not me). I think it's cute the way you put this on your sidebar button for Spiritual Sundays. This post is very insightful. It is so much more important to concentrate what is inside than what is outside. I always remember that scripture that says man looks on the outside. God looks on the heart. We need to remember it is God we need to please, not men. This post is a wonderful reminder.
    Charlotte (not you)

  6. This is such a great post! I like how you wrote that your going to Hope Depot to fix an attitude, I think I may have to use that line sometime.
    God Bless,

  7. The grace extended to the humble is such a gift. Why when God is holding it out to us do we push it away for our pink gloves?

    Such a good story and analogy. I always find food for thought here at the Father's Girl.


  8. God bless you and your husband for sharing thats true love*
    I am an Ozzie and while living in TN went with hubby to the heardware store. I heard him telling the saleman he had lots of Honey do's. Well to me, a Honey Dew is a Rockmelon (canelope) and I couldn't make out what he was saying?? Totally puzzled I waited until we got outside to ask him...he laughed and explained the meaning...Honey do this and honey do that..LOL.
    Its so funny, in America and Australia (Oz) we speak english, but with different slang..Since he is now living here, he is catching up on ours.. Bless you both and may your marriage continue to thrive..

  9. Love this! Can you imagine if Home Depot actually had an attitude adjustment department? They would probably get a lot of business from referrals :)

    Have a wonderful week Charlotte!


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