Thursday, April 14, 2011

It's kinda weird but beautiful!

God's creativity never ceases to amaze me.
He has put color and texture everywhere!

Take a walk with me through the trees...
just down the hill from our house.

 While my husband cut fallen trees and burned brush,
I took pictures of these trees. (I wasn't much help!)
 They were adorned with their own kind of bling.

 Other living things were making homes on their bark.
 Hitching a ride through life.
 Like hair and warts...only not.
I thought they were beautiful!


  1. Your post tickled me. I posted pictures of a mossy tree on my blog today too!
    I can't remember what the fungus growths are called but I think they are beautiful. There is one type that is a smooth whitish color underneath that people paint pictures on.

  2. It is so wonderful that we can look around and see the "artwork" of a Mighty God! Nobody will ever convince me of evolution!


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