Wednesday, March 3, 2010

It's About Me...but It's not About Me!

      "Is this blog more about me than it is about God?" I asked myself this question as I gave it a make-over for the new season. Looking over the computer screen, I saw my picture there on the left side and thought to myself, "Well yes, there I am." No denying it was me...there in plain view! "So is this blog more about me than Him?" The question dug down deeper.

      Yes, it is my heart I share when I write a post; but I hope it is Him seen residing there inside it...and it is my life and family, my experiences that I write about; but is God's presence in those relationships clearly seen? When I write about lessons I've learned, does His loving, guiding hands appear between the lines of the posts; revealing that He is the Master Teacher of us all? I hope they do, because the world doesn't need one more person's opinion, least of all mine. What it does need is God, and to share Him was my original goal for this blog.

      I could never find the right colors, the right pictures, or words to truly give Him justice. He is so much more than I know or could ever think. That is why you see me on this page. It is my interpretation of His goodness, His greatness, and faithfulness, lived out in my fragile existence and documented through the limitations of words.

      My goal in life is to continually have more of Him and less of me, and that is what I want here too. It is a hard thing to do for a hard headed person like me. It is easy to get sidetracked - I have many times. I've tripped over my "self" and had to push me out of the way more times than I would like to admit.

       The plain simple truth of life is - we are all here to glorify God; that is our purpose, and self only gets in the way. For reasons that are beyond my comprehension, He chooses each one of us with all our limitations, to live in and through us. He wants to be a part of what we do and bring all of who He is into those limitations.

      My hope and desire for this blog is that  God would be seen and glorified here, not in spite of the limitations but through them.

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