Saturday, January 2, 2010

More than Faces on the Frig.

      Christmas is over and another year has passed. I have cleaned up my blog and taken off all the decorations, just like I am doing in my home. It seems a bit sad, putting all these special things into boxes and storing them up in the dark attic for another long year. It is so exciting when they are brought down. Everything is carefully set in its place - but putting them away? Well, that is an entirely different matter.

      I passed by my refrigerator while removing Christmas items from the kitchen today, and my eye caught the pictures I had stuck up there with magnets. Photograph cards sent from old friends and extended family, many of whom I only hear from at Christmas. It has become a time to catch up with those I haven't talked to or heard from in the past year.

      As I studied the faces that looked back at me from there, I began to think about this whole concept of keeping in touch with people. Can I have relationships with people I communicate with only once a year? I wondered more about them than their two-line greetings would tell. Are they happy? They look happy. But maybe the person taking their pictures said something funny, and they all smiled in never know.

      All those faces looking back at me from the refrigerator, at one time were much more to me than someone growing older in a Christmas card each year. They were my close friends, kindred spirits. First I moved, then they moved, life got busy, and little by little the phone calls and letters got farther and farther apart...until one day - it was Christmas, and I was putting their pictures on the refrigerator - and every Christmas after.

      I think I will do something a little different this year. Instead of taking the pictures down and waiting until next year to see these special friends again, I'm going to leave them up there. I'm going to look at them every day as I open and shut my refrigerator, pray for them, and thank God for their friendships. Perhaps I'll even write a letter or two and make a few phone calls.

It's the decorations, not the people, that should be stored away each year!


  1. Wonderful idea!!

    I've often thought of how we seem to 'outgrow' certain friends though and new ones are added.

    My best friend and I have known one another for 55 years. She's one that I will never outgrow.

    My refrigerator has pictures that were colored by my three youngest great granddaughters.

    Happy New Year!

  2. What a wonderful blessing, to have a friend for 55 years! That is very special!

    My granddaughter and grandson also colored me pictures (which I put on the frig. too) on Christmas eve.

    That is the best kind of art a house can display!

    Blessings this New Year ~ Charlotte

  3. Oops! Didn't mean to send that to myself...

  4. I agree, Charlotte. I don't remember if it was last year or the year before but you had given us a Christmas photo card of your boys and I felt compelled to keep it in my Bible for quite a long time after that and pray for them regularly. And now here we are getting to know each other better than while I was there--somehow I don't think that's a coincidence. We never know how God might answer our prayers for others.

    As a side note, nice picture of you and the gals in your side-bar. I miss you all.


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