Friday, August 21, 2009

I Remember You


They'll never know how much they would have loved him,
He’ll take no place in anybody’s plans.
No path will ever know his little footsteps,
And he will never hold another’s hands.

No one stopped to count his tiny fingers,
Or check to see ten perfect little toes.
He may have been important to the future,
But then I guess nobody really knows.

His voice will never laugh or sing in pleasure,
Silently he leaves all hope behind.
Unwanted and alone, he is rejected,
No tenderness or shelter here to find.

He was not stricken by some childhood sickness,
Nor was he lost to cruel and harsh disease.
No, he is gone because of inconvenience,
A woman’s right to do just as she please.

Can I let him pass from here forever,
As though he never really did exist?
Unwanted and without a mom to love him,
Someone the world didn’t know they missed.

I’ll adopt the memory of this baby,
Motherly I’ll mourn and shed a tear.
In my heart I’ll hold his silent vigil,
His life to ever cherish and hold dear.

I wrote this poem in 1995 when someone I knew very well had an abortion. I prayed and cried the day it was done and I wrote this poem. Years have passed and periodically I take out this poem and read it...and I remember him and celebrate his life.

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