Monday, July 6, 2009

The Photograph
By Charlotte

Looking through the photographs,
Of times so long ago.
Tiny friends side by side,
Where did those babies go?

Graduating one by one,
Off to college now.
Wasn’t it just yesterday,
The question lingers – how?

How did they grow to be so tall,
So beautiful, so strong?
When it was only yesterday,
They played and skipped along.

The photograph is fading now,
Of friends all in a row.
But as I hold it in my hand,
It seems to make time slow.

It takes me back in memories,
To times now held so dear.
Of days when troubles disappeared,
With the wiping of a tear.

Each face that’s represented,
In this photograph of old.
Has a childhood of memories,
A life story to be told.

May it be of days gone by,
Playing in the sun.
Laughing, singing with their friends,
Having lots of fun.

All those prayers we prayed for them,
And placed before God’s throne.
Today poured out in hope fulfilled,
His hands of mercy shown.

I’m sending you this photograph,
Just to help me say.
His faithfulness has endured,
Through every single day!

For the Lord is good; his mercy is everlasting; and his truth endures to all generations.

(Psalm 100: 5)


  1. Two of those babies are heading to Austria and Germany in a few weeks. Yes, they have grown up and sprouted wings! Ready to take on the world around them.
    I miss our play days. I miss my very good friend.

  2. Just stopped in for a visit and so enjoyed your verse....


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