Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A Different View

It has been a few weeks since I wrote the poem about the flowers growing in a hard place. Today in my bible study, I read about God being our eternal bedrock and I was asked to draw a picture of an image that I viewed as representing faithfulness. Immediately the picture of those flowers growing in the rocks came to mind and caused me to see them from a brand new perspective.

Instead of a hard place, I saw the rocks as an anchor and stable foundation. Everything the flower needed to grow was provided there. It was also protected from the wind, and something not seen in the picture was the beautiful river that flowed just left of where it grew in the rocks. Could it be that I mistook God’s very presence and faithfulness for what I considered to be a hard place to grow? Or perhaps there is a spiritual lesson for me to learn from both perspectives.

He is our bedrock, where ever we are planted. His mercy and grace are steadfast and make what seems an impossible place to grow, bud forth with life!

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