Friday, May 24, 2013

Empty Things -
      It was a day of filling things up - empty things. The sugar bowl was empty when I found it with my black coffee. The sugar canister, the second place I looked, was empty too. The day required me to problem solve before I had my first cup of coffee! I filled every sugar container to the brim, added some to my cup and drank the lukewarm liquid.

      Dishes waited on the counter to be washed (they are always waiting); signs of boys raiding the kitchen after dinner last night. No soap in the dispenser! Empty! No washing until filling, no filling until finding. Where is the soap? Rummaging through half empty bottles under the sink, I find the dish soap and fill the dispenser – washing can begin.
      There are days I feel like an empty dispenser....(continue reading over at Laced with Grace)

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