Wednesday, November 21, 2012

A Song of Praise


     He sat there on the grape vine singing his song. The overripe grapes still hanging on the vine, free for the taking. The Bluebirds had their fill and left just moments before he landed, now it was his turn to eat.

      I used to watch the birds more often. Busyness has crowded them out of my time and replaced the watching with working. But there are things within the working that are worth watching...and there are songs being sung there too. People being fed, blessings being picked from the vine of God's love; daily manna feeding His children just as surely as He feeds the birds. (Matt. 6:26)

      It's not so much the watching in life that matters, but the seeing. Not merely watching the happenings around us but seeing God revealed in them, working in and through them. Touching lives, providing nourishment, and listening patiently for our songs of praise to rise up as "thank yous" for His many blessings. For eyes to look upon the fruit growing on the vine and acknowledge that His hand is opened to us.

      So much of the time I think we see what isn't there...what we don't have, when God has poured into our lives blessing upon blessing. Are we watching days go by or are we seeing all that He is doing within each moment? If we intentionally look, we will see.

      Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, but really, today is thanksgiving, yesterday was thanksgiving...and every day! Our lives should be a song of praise to Him from where ever we sit ; on the vine, the couch, or office chair, as we reach out to take the abundance he offers us. The birds know this, and He has made us so much greater than birds.

1 Thess. 5:18

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  1. Your header and photo of the bird are beautiful.
    Every day is one to be thankful for.


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