Sunday, August 5, 2012

Lord...Am I Back?

It's been too long since I've been here to say hello and write a few lines. Much has happened to keep me away from my computer...and you all. I need to dust the spider webs from this blog and move it into the summer season before it's over. Was it really Spring when I was last here? Does anyone visit here anymore?

 In case you thought I wilted like a flower on the hillside and went to be with Jesus...I didn't...yet.

Lots of things have happened. Two of my grandsons had birthdays... turned two and seven, granddaughter turned five...there were parties, my father-in-law was sick (and still is) so I went to help him, one son came back from guarding the border - yeah!, I got sick...twice...and got well...twice, there was a suicide and a memorial for one too young to die, my sister-in-law moved close by with her husband, two grandchildren came for a visit, I helped with VBS (which some insist on calling Kid's Camp), and my last but not least (youngest) son registered for college. I watched two mommy turkeys raise fifteen babies from start to finish...they are now almost the same size as their moms. Every day they walk through our yard eating bugs and grass. Sometimes they lay in the shade under a tree. They come by to remind me that time is passing quickly...quick enough for them to be full grown!

I'm sorry to say the condition of my blog is a direct reflection of my life this summer. I've sat a few things on the shelves here and hope to return to them when time allows (Lord willing!). But what I learned from the turkeys and the suicide is some things need priority in life, others can be set aside for a time, and it is wise to not confuse the two.

I'm so glad God is in control...even if things seem out of control! He is working all things out.

I would love to hear from you...


  1. Glad that you are back...and it does sound like you were pretty busy!!

    blessings to you,

  2. I think it's been a busy summer for many of us. Mine certainly hasn't been as busy as yours though. lot of bloggers sort of took the summer off. Me included. Maybe things will slow down a bit and we can get back to it.


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