Friday, December 2, 2011

The Christmas Letter

Reposted from Christmas past...

Just a letter once a year, folded in a card.
What's the big deal? That shouldn't be too hard.

Just put my pen to paper, and write a word or two,
Telling of the happenings, the old and the new.

Why does it feel like therapy, as I sit and reminisce?
Over opportunities, those taken and those missed.

The trials and the blessings, enough to fill a year.
Ones that made us laugh, and those that brought us fear.

Of lives that changed forever, and those that wouldn't budge.
Teaching us this lesson - it's not for us to judge.

God is working everywhere, in every single day.
We don't know the how or why, and we don't pick His way.

I'd choose the path with flowers, the one that's smooth and clean,
But God allows some potholes, to let His grace be seen.

Life is like a story, a stack of letters sent.
Revealing where we're headed, and where we just went.

Another year folded up, and placed within a card.
With creases made by choices, some easy and some hard.

All together they add up, to life that's full and blessed.
Every year through pen and ink, I put this to the test.

But every time I start to write, I'm overwhelmed with praise.
For all God's done within a year - three hundred and sixty five days.

Those things I saw as problems, He used within His plans.
Teaching me this simple truth - It's all within His hands.

I hope this letter finds you, believing even more.
And knowing Him more fully, than all the years before.

And know that in my story, you hold a special part,
Not just in Christmas letters, but deep within my heart

©2009 Charlotte Foster


  1. I love your poem! Especially this line, "Another year folded up, and placed within a card.
    With creases made by choices, some easy and some hard." So glad I stopped in to read this. Blessings!

  2. Beautiful Charlotte. Have a great weekend.....

  3. I love this Christmas letter. I'm glad you reposted it.

  4. I love this Poem. If only we could use this to remind us of all God is doing and not put so much focus on Santa Claus and shopping at this time of the year. I still enjoy sending out Christmas cards. Thank you.

  5. You said it so well. As I reflect over my year every Christmas, it takes awhile to bring back all the memories, but it really is a picture of what He is doing. We tend to only write the good stuff in those letters, but it's the difficult things that really change our hearts as we find our hope in Him. May your joy be full this season!


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