Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A Wake-Up Call

Someone else is concerned about knowing what time it is...Anne Graham Lotz. I received her ministry newsletter shortly after posting for Spiritual Sunday last week. I wish I could copy the whole letter here because it is something I think every Christian should read. Here is just a little piece of it...

          "The signs that Jesus gave and the headlines in the news are coming together in a dramatically sobering way. I'm alarmed because it's five minutes to midnight on the time clock of history, and so many Christians seem to be sleeping!"

Remember Jesus' words in Revelation 1 to the churchs? She goes on to say...

          "While I believe we are living in the most strategic and critical generation in all of history, other than perhaps the original one and also the one which witnessed the first coming of Jesus Christ to earth, God's people in general seem to be oblivious to what time it is!"

So again I ask, "What time is it?" I will answer my own question and say I agree with Anne; it is five minutes to midnight on the time clock of history. So what are we to do? I think the first thing is to wake up!

Anne will be talking on this topic with Joel Rosenberg, in a simulcast being broadcasted on September 11, 2011. You can watch it at a host church or on your own computer at home. You can watch the video below and go to her website for more information.

Click on the picture to go to her website


  1. yes, Amen! It's time to get up and prepare our lamps (Mathew 25:7) so that we will be ready when the Bridegroom comes!

  2. this makes me think of Brian Doerksen's song....It's Time.....

  3. How I love Anne Graham Lotz! Her book "Just Give Me Jesus" is a favorite of mine and causes me to refocus on Jesus in the hard places of life. I hope I can catch this -- my parents will be visiting that day. Isn't it interesting how this sometimes happens. You are led in a certain direction and you hear or read things on the subject? I always know I'm on God's road when that happens.

  4. I certainly agree with this. It is the last days and maybe hours. We all need to wake up.
    Thank you, Charlotte.

  5. Having experienced all that I have since my accident .. I'm in agreement; we have been given many chances to listen and learn to truly care for one another. It certainly is time to wake-up ! blessings xo HHL


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