Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Just Too Busy!

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Just Too Busy - Taking Your Family on a Radical Sabbatical

Meet the Author~

JOANNE KRAFT loves to encourage women. A sought-after speaker, Kraft has been published in Today’s Christian Woman, In Touch, ParentLife, Kyria, and P31 Woman magazine. She serves as Marriage Study group leader, leader of Inspire Christian Writers, and is a 911 Dispatcher in Sacramento County, California. She is married and has four children.

If I could get into a time machine and travel back several years to when my five boys were young, I would take this book with me, and there would certainly be some changes made in our daily routine.
That familiar statement, "time stops for no one," is true, but time can, in a sense, slow down for those who choose to eliminate some of the busyness that takes their days hostage.

In her book, Joanne speaks to those moms and dads who feel they are being held captive to activity and are in bondage to the busyness in their lives. Basically all moms and dads! She covers some tough areas of parenting and offers real solutions to busyness problems that not only affect our children, but have pierced through the heart of society. As the daughter of a "hard-charging Marine" she doesn't beat around the bush, but brings the truth right out in the open; using her gift of humor and a good helping of God's Word.

The pages of this book are filled with the true story of how one family put their foot on the brake of busyness and stopped their out of control schedule from running away with their lives. Kraft encourages other families to slow down, take time out, and enjoy the simple things - enjoy their time together. You will find yourself easily identifying with this author as she takes you with her on a radical journey through her family's twelve month sabbatical from their over-active lifestyle. A Radical Sabbatical.

The chapters are written in an easy format for readers to digest, and end with straight forward questions that gives the reader an opportunity to apply what they have learned to their own busy life. This book will challenge you, encourage you, and equip you to do something the rest of the world may see as radical - to say "yes" to the best, and "no" to the rest.

I don't have a time machine, so there won't be any going back for me. That is one of the points of this book - you only get one chance to raise your children, no trial runs, no do overs. I would recommend this book to all parents and grandparents who want to leave a legacy of peace and joy on the branches of their family tree and not just blurred memories of activity.

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  1. Thanks Charlotte, I think I will pick this one up. Sounds like an excellent book.


  2. sounds like one for the Kindle! Thanks!

  3. Charlotte, Sounds like an excellent book. In retrospect, I was blessed to have a less than loving husband in my first marriage. He like his toys, his boats and because he was impatient with young children and potty trips etc he went and left us home. I was a stay at home mom by choice too. So I was one of those mom who spent hours and hours and hours with my children. I loved my life as a mother. I see women today trying to juggle full time jobs, being in church every time the doors open, going to the gym, being a good mom and I am exhausted watching them. Sadly, the economy is not helping them change easily. A book like this is so needed, however HE must open the heart to receive the message. I would give this book along with lots of prayers to someone HE laid on my heart. Writing the name and author in my prayer journal now. Thank you for the review Charlotte. Blessings.

  4. Me again. Forgot to tell you I LOVE your header. It is so me!


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