Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A Stroll through the Garden


Yesterday I saw two blogs displaying their gardens and they were encouraging others to join in on the fun. I thought, "What a wonderfull idea!" I love gardens and flowers...the beauty of the Master Gardener's handywork. I decided to join in on the fun today, except I couldn't find the link to those other blogs! They just disappeared! I know it was late last night when I came across them, but I don't think I was dreaming.

Instead of giving up, I decided to go ahead and share with you what the Lord planted into my life this past year in the way of flowers (and a few other things). He is so good to scatter seeds so liberally...even in places that were once barren and lifeless. He sends the rain to moisten the hard ground, and brings forth life!

Come on in the gate...

      From the colors of Fall to the blossoms of Spring,

God's hand was seen everywhere I looked!

The old, old apple tree was filled with blossoms and the
Morning Glories gave Him glory!

                                         The Lilac's scent was heavenly!

          A Rose of Sharon


 Poppie seeds planted by the wind!                                                  

The yellow Iris' that came up purple!  Even the garlic bloomed.


        Heavenly Bamboo

Out back where I watch the sunsets, my Father saying, "Goodnight."

And those who came to eat!

Thank you for taking a stroll with me through the garden God has planted in my life!

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